Heineman Middle School

Heineman Middle School, located at 725 Dr. John Burkey Drive (formerly Academic Drive), is named after one of District 158’s most influential teachers. Bernice Heineman was born and raised in Huntley, Illinois and lived on Grove Street within Huntley for all her life. She attended grade school and high school in Huntley and eventually graduated and went off to college at Northern Illinois University, but finished her studies and received her degree from Rosary College in River Forest.

Her first teaching experience was back in Huntley in a one-room school house west of town and then at another east of town on the corner of Algonquin and Lakewood roads. One of her family members remembers, “Bernice hitching up the family’s horse to the buggy early every day and riding out to the school across the Heine farm in time to fire up the stove and heat the building before the children arrived.”

Bernice Heineman
Bernice Heineman
The Senior Class of 1953 dedicated their yearbook to her, stating “… She has been, not only to our particular class, but to all those who have gone before us, a friend, a helper, and an inspiration for good. Her smiling face and laughing words, her cheerful but respectful love of life, will always impress the hearts of those who know and love her. It is our hope and prayer that she will remain, for those who follow, just as she is – our own Miss Heineman.”

Once the one-room school house closed, Bernice taught in the town schools, finally at the high school, where she is most remembered in the 1953 yearbook. She taught both Latin and English. Bernice dedicated her life to her students and to her aging parents. She never married.

Our building opened its doors in the fall of 2005 and currently houses 858 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Each grade level is made up of a team of teachers consisting of 2 language arts and reading, social studies, math, science, and a special education teacher. There are currently 2 teams per grade level.

Students in middle school also add PE/Health and an Exploratory to their day. Exploratory options include the following: Art, Computers, Technology Lab, Food and Nutrition, Spanish, and Speech/Theatre.

Band and Chorus are also offered to all grade levels. In addition, sixth and seventh grade students may elect to take Orchestra. Students that are not in Band, Chorus, or Orchestra will be assigned a Study Hall. Beginning 2016, Heineman is excited by the addition of an Advisory class for all students each Wednesday morning. An Advisory period is an arrangement whereby one adult and a small group of students have an opportunity to interact on a scheduled basis in order to provide a caring environment for academic guidance and support, everyday administrative details, recognition, and activities to promote citizenship.

Student support services include School Nurse, Guidance Counselor, Social Worker, Speech, and a full compliment of Special Education services.

The school hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. All guests must check in at the office during student attendance hours. Children may not enter the building until 7:15 a.m. and are dismissed at 2:25p.m. Currently all of our surrounding neighborhoods qualify for district transportation. Please see our Activities website to see what kinds of after-school athletic/activity/club programs are provided. A hot lunch program is offered, for which parents manage their accounts with online account viewing and payment. This program is highly recommended to provide to most efficient lunch time for students possible.

Mission Statement

The Heineman Middle School mission is to serve the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of students as they become respectful, responsible, and involved.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide rewarding experiences for every student through academic achievement and service learning.