Recognizing American Diversity

The goals of Recognizing American Diversity (RAD) are to recognize, celebrate, and discover diverse perspectives and identities that have historically been underrepresented.  We work from the assumption that everyone benefits and grows from knowing more about one another.  Our Huntley community, and our country, is a collection of identities and beliefs, and we know that any one person rarely identifies with only a single group or identity.

We are complex.  We are diverse.  We are Red Raiders.


November: Indigenous Peoples


*Please note that the media and activities are generally selected for a high school audience.  

*Each month, our shared calendar will highlight voices, ideas, and opportunities to discover more about one another. The content and events identified in the Recognizing American Diversity calendar reflect a variety of positions, values, and beliefs important to the group or individuals being recognized.  We acknowledge that the positions and ideas shared in the engagement opportunities may not always represent the entirety and/or diversity of any given group.  The selected groups have been identified in alignment with existing national recognition opportunities as well as priorities identified by the District’s Equity Action Coalition.  The voices and ideas expressed in the engagement opportunities do not necessarily reflect the attitudes, beliefs, or opinions of District 158, Huntley High School, or the RAD committee.