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Recognize a Teacher Apple IconDo you know an HHS teacher that has really helped you or your student? Has a teacher been highly effective and motivating?

Our staff takes great pride in helping students achieve their potential. Take a few minutes and let your teachers know how much you appreciate their work!

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Previous Honorees

  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Domka

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Domka

    Mr. Domka, Career Technical Education (CTE) Student nomination statement: “This teacher is not only fun, but makes class worth coming to everyday. I wake up and I look forward to this class. I’m glad I get my education from him. …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Rolando

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Rolando

    Mr. Rolando, Career Technical Education (CTE) Student nomination statement: “Mr. Rolando goes beyond to talk and help students, along with being very passionate about curriculum and expressing his interest in his teaching. He makes class fun and allows for a …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Ms. Greene

    Teacher Recognition: Ms. Greene

    Ms. Greene, English Student nomination statement: “Ms. Greene is the best motivating English teacher I had. She is so upbeat and the nicest teacher. Every time I see her all I can do is smile. She is funny and the …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Drozt

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Drozt

    Mrs. Drozt, Science – AP Physics, Physics and AP Environmental Science Student nomination statement: “She (Mrs. Drozt) has gone out of her way during remote learning to be sure that we are learning to the best of our abilities given …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Sharkey

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Sharkey

    Mrs. Sharkey, Social Studies Teacher and Summer Trip Program Group Leader Student nomination statement: “She is really fun and is always willing to help her students when they need it. She tries to make all the learning fun and hands …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Odarczencko

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Odarczencko

    Mr. Odarczencko, Vanguard Vision Math Teacher Student nomination statement: “He never fails to motivate you and will help you come up with a plan to get your work done. Also he wears Costco 2019 Fall Collection flannels on Fridays that …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Grabner

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Grabner

    Mr. Grabner, Vanguard Vision Math Teacher Student nomination statement: “Mr. Grabner always keeps the class interesting. With his stories about when he was in high school, or from making tests and homework easier and way more fun than any other …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Kapachinski

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Kapachinski

    Mrs. Jessica Kapachinski, Teacher Student nomination statement: “Mrs. Kapachinski helped me with so much over the past 3 going on 4 years that I’ve been here. She will make me laugh anytime and every time!! I love her like she …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Ms. Cassier

    Teacher Recognition: Ms. Cassier

    Elyssa Cassier, Vanguard Social Science Teacher Student nomination statement: “Ms. Cassier is the type of teacher that even though you may not like school she helps make it tolerable. Her ability to put the student first never ceases to amaze. …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Kallas

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Kallas

    Dana Kallas, Math Teacher Student nomination statement: “She’s a very smart teacher and helps her students whenever they do not understand a hard math problems. She is always having a smile that is contagious.” If there’s an outstanding teacher you’d …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Ms. Feld

    Teacher Recognition: Ms. Feld

    Rebecca Feld, Math Teacher Student nomination statement: Ms. Feld is an amazing teacher! She’s very involved with all of us during class and is an interactive teacher. She makes lessons entertaining by changing it up from a normal classroom. She …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Ms. Maggiore and Mrs. Konie

    Teacher Recognition: Ms. Maggiore and Mrs. Konie

    Kristin Maggiore (left) and Cheryl Konie (right), English I co-teachers Student nomination statement: “These 2 teachers work so well together. They are so nice and funny. They really know how to teach and have fun doing it. I would ask …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Ms. Miller

    Teacher Recognition: Ms. Miller

    Jessica Miller, English, Special Ed Student nomination statement: “​This teacher is so kind and caring for all students, even students who are not in her classes. She is so helpful and easy to talk to about anything. She is genuinely …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Marchand

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Marchand

    Student nomination statement: “​Mr. Marchand has personally had a large influence in my life. He not only taught me about anatomy and physiology (which by the way was my favorite class EVER taken at HHS), he taught me about life. …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Johnson

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Johnson

    Student nomination statement: “Mrs. Johnson creates a fun learning environment while establishing personal connections to each and every one of her students. Personally, I normally despise going to English class. But this year, because of Mrs. Johnson, English is the …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Nixon

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Nixon

    Student nomination statement: “Mr. Nixon is extremely passionate about the subject he teaches, which makes class exciting and engaging! I am always interested in what he’s saying and it’s gotten me really engaged in the subject matter. So, sociology is …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Carter

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Carter

    Student nomination statement: “Mr. Carter helps the band to improve their performance by working with small groups or individual band members while maintaining a fun learning environment.” Do you know a teacher who goes above and beyond? If there’s an …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Schaschwary

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Schaschwary

    Student nomination statement: Mrs. Schaschwary has made my high school career one to remember. She makes her students feel as if they are at home in her classroom. No matter the situation, Mrs. S. insures us that it’s gonna be …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Mennenoh

    Teacher Recognition: Mrs. Mennenoh

    Alumni nomination statement: She pushes you to be your best, and she is always there to help you reach your best. I graduated last year and had her as a teacher for 2 years. I took a harder class because of …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Ms. Cassier

    Teacher Recognition: Ms. Cassier

    Ms. Cassier never fails to make her students smile. Every day she comes to school with a smile on her face and its so contagious. I was always entertained and looked forward to going to her class. She understands her …Read More »
  • Teacher Recognition: Mr. Lundeen

    Teacher Recognition: Mr. Lundeen

    Student nomination statement: Mr. Lundeen is always there when I need help with physics. He would come early in the morning (6:30) to help not just me, but several other students as well, and he balanced the amount of time per student …Read More »