Job Shadow/ Volunteer Information

Job Shadow/ Volunteering Requirements

Job Shadow Form for Pre-Arranged Absence

Job Shadows

  • At least 2 Job Shadows are required for both the Certificate of Completion and Transcript Designation
  • A Job Shadow should be at least 2 hours in length
    Note: If a job shadow is longer than 2 hours, the additional time may be counted towards volunteer hours.
  • The Job Shadow hours need to be consecutive
  • Each Job Shadow is worth 1 point in the Extra Curricular category
  • You should keep a record of who you shadowed, where it was, and what you observed for the final presentation
    Note: See forms below to help


  • Engineering related volunteering should be at least 5 hours in length
  • Volunteering hours may be split up over several days and multiple locations
  • Every 5 hours of volunteering counts as 1 point in the Extra Curricular category


Potential Job Shadow Contacts

If you need help finding someone to shadow, this link provides contact information for engineers that may be able to help. NOTE: You must have a District158 account to access this link.

After a Job Shadow or Volunteer Experience

It is recommended, but not required, to fill out the following forms. These forms should be kept to use during your final presentation.