Final Exit Presentation

Presentation Basic Info

To earn either the Certificate of Completion or the Transcript Designation you will have to make a final presentation in February of your Senior Year.

This presentation is to be

  • an opportunity for you to show what you’ve done and how you’ve grown while you have been a part of the HHS Engineering Academy.
  • no more than 10 minutes long with a 5 minute question and answer session at the end.

You will be presenting to a similar panel of people that you interviewed with to get into the Engineering Academy including

  • Engineering professionals from the community
  • Huntley High School Staff
  • District 158 staff

This is a time for you to show off what you’ve done and be proud of what you were able to accomplish.

Resources to Help You

Engineering Presentation Rubric

Engineering Presentation Student Checklist

Sample Presentation


You have to do at least two Job Shadows (of at least 2 hours).

You will have to reflect on these as a part of your presentation.

See the Job Shadow/Volunteer page for more details about forms that you can use if you wish.