Marcus Belin, Principal

Mr. Marcus Belin
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Shelly Kish, Associate Principal

Mrs. Shelly Kish
Associate Principal for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
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Danyce Letkewicz, Associate Principal

Mrs. Danyce Letkewicz
Associate Principal for Student Services
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Mr. Kempf

Mr. Tom Kempf
Associate Principal for Operations
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Deans of Students

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Alice Ohlinger

Mrs. Alice Ohlinger
Students Last Name A – G
Grades 10-12
(847) 659-6762
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Jim Stotz

Mr. Jim Stotz
Students Last Name H – O
Grades 10-12
(847) 659-6506
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Justin Stroh

Mr. Justin Stroh
Students Last Name P – Z
Grades 10-12
(847) 659-6683
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Chris Duncan

Mr. Chris Duncan
Freshman Academy and Special Programs
(847) 659-6668
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Department Chairs

Cindy Fuhrer

Dr. Cindy Fuhrer
Department Chair, Science
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(847) 659-6663

Mrs. Danielle Parker
Department Chair, Math
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(847) 659-6767

Leah Novak

Mrs. Leah Novak
Department Chair,
Fine Arts and World Languages
(847) 659-6562
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Jennifer Heuck

Mrs. Jennifer Heuck
Department Chair,
PE, Health & Driver Ed
(847) 659-6748
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Kari Breese

Mrs. Kari Breese
Department Chair,
Special Education
(847) 659-6537
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Mrs. Shaina Pocztowski
Department Chair, English
(847) 659-6536
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Brian Truax

Mr. Brian Truax
Department Chair, Social Studies
(847) 659-6693
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Nick Wedoff

Mr. Nick Wedoff
Department Chair, CTE
(847) 659-6766
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Other Administrators

Candice Coleman

Ms. Candice Coleman
Special Education Coordinator
(847) 659-6585
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Glen Wilson

Mr. Glen Wilson
Director of Athletics
(847) 659-6518
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