Teacher Recognition: Ms. Feld

Rebecca Feld, Math Teacher

Student nomination statement:

Ms. Feld is an amazing teacher! She’s very involved with all of us during class and is an interactive teacher. She makes lessons entertaining by changing it up from a normal classroom. She has and uses a Microsoft 2-in-1 tablet to write on which projects on the board. This is very helpful because she can be anywhere in the room (such as at our desks helping us), and still be able to show the whole class on the board how to do something. Also, she can give us the tablet to write our answers on. It gives all of us the motivation to work harder to get the answer 1st to be able to write on it.

Some days we might do group activities. We sit in groups and use them daily to solve problems, but some days we work with our groups the whole period. We do racing every so often, where we get problems to solve, we bring them back to Ms. Feld, get new problems, solve them, bring them back to Ms. Feld, and repeat that process about 6 times. The 1st “team” or group to finish gets a piece of candy. Everyone needs to be involved and work as a team. This help us learn the material better than just doing notes everyday.

Some days Ms. Feld sets up tables with different lessons we worked on. That way, if we struggled with a lesson, we can go to that table the lesson is at and get extra help on it and practice it. Finally, she’s also a very relatable teacher. She talks with us and tries to be more of a friend to us, which establishes a great bond between all of us in the class and her. But as always, when we need to buckle down and work, she takes control of her classroom and we do the notes. She’s a great teacher to say the least, and an amazing person!

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