Health & Safety in Huntley 158

In Huntley 158:

Update – December 3, 2021:

On November 2, the CDC approved its recommendation for the pediatric Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination for children ages 5-11. While this vaccination is NOT required for any of our students, we understand many families may choose to get their child(ren) vaccinated. Vaccination status does have a direct impact on whether or not a student has to be quarantined in the event of a close contact; because of this, we ask that parents of children ages 5-11 who are fully vaccinated (two weeks after the second dose) share proof of your student(s)’ vaccination status with our health services staff and school nurses. To do so, please email a photo of your student(s)’ vaccination card after the second vaccination dose to your building’s health services email address. We want to reiterate that this is not a requirement for any of our students or families, but is an effective way for our staff to keep as many students learning safely in the classroom as possible. 

Submit Your Students’ Vaccination Card

Per Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order on Wednesday, August 4, Huntley 158 will begin the 2021-22 school year with universal masking for all students and staff. The tiered system outlined below details the levels of mitigation strategies that will be used throughout the 2021-22 school year in the event the mask mandate is lifted. Those mitigation strategies include:

    • Universal masking will be required for all Huntley 158 schools until infection rates decline, pursuant to the most up to date CDC, IDPH & ISBE guidance.
    • Physical distance of at least 3 feet will be maintained in classrooms and to the greatest extent possible in common spaces.
    • SHIELD COVID-19 saliva testing will be available for students and staff on a voluntary basis. Testing can prevent periods of quarantine and contribute to the removal of mitigation strategies.
    • Hand sanitizing stations are available in all classrooms and in common spaces. Proper hand hygiene is encouraged of all students and staff.
    • Nightly cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces will continue and be completed in all buildings. Additional custodial staff has been maintained to ensure a healthy learning environment in our buildings.
    • Symptom self-certification is no longer required. Students and staff are expected and encouraged to stay home if they feel sick and/or visit the nurse if symptoms occur during the school day and report any COVID symptoms.
    • Enhanced filters have been added to HVAC system designed to capture microbes as they flow through system for cleaner air output. 

  • The District will transition between mitigation measures using this framework. Changes in mitigations will be communicated to families as they are made.
  • Decisions to remove prevention strategies will be based on data supported by science in consultation with MCDH.
  • Mitigations will be removed one at a time and monitored for a period of time before taking additional action to monitor impact.
  • If community transmission is low and transmission is NOT occurring in schools, removal of mitigations will be considered.