New Explore Class Coming in 2019-20

We are excited to introduce “Explore,” a new specials offering (alongside art, music, and PE) for our elementary school students.

The STEM-based class will be offered to all students kindergarten through fifth grade, allowing them to explore deeply the concepts of science, technology, math and engineering in a project-based setting that encourages collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

At the core of the offering is Project Lead The Way’s nationally-leading Launch curriculum. Get a taste of the curriculum below and read more about the PLTW Launch curriculum at


  • Students gain exposure to 21st-century concepts, skills, and hands-on learning experiences difficult to offer in the traditional classroom
  • Project-based learning aligns with Illinois Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Classroom teachers gain one hour per week of collaboration time, preventing the potential need for an altered school schedule


  • The District is leveraging efficiencies in its projected enrollment figures over the coming years to create and offer this new special class using existing staff, without additional cost for new staff hires.
  • There is a relatively small startup cost to purchase the curriculum and additional STEM materials to outfit each elementary school for Explore.