Dr. John Burkey Drive

Dr. John Burkey Drive

In January 2018, the Huntley 158 Board of Education voted to honor outgoing superintendent Dr. John Burkey with the lasting and symbolic gesture of re-naming Academic Drive (the main drive on our Square Barn Road Campus) to Dr. John Burkey Drive.

The Board felt strongly that this move was an appropriate way to recognize Dr. Burkey’s 12 years of service to the District, a tenure that spanned an era of rapid growth, change, innovation and advancement for Huntley 158.

This decision was followed by many months of work by the Village of Algonquin to prepare for this change, and the District is now working with the shipping companies, local agencies, vendors, and others with whom the change needs to be registered. New street signs were installed by the Village of Algonquin in Fall 2018.

The Resolution adopted by the Board of Education specifies that no school funds shall be expended in the procurement and naming of the honor.

What impact will this have?

While this decision changes our official addresses for the buildings on the Square Barn Road Campus (District Office, Heineman Middle School, Mackeben Elementary, and Conley Elementary), the impact on our day-to-day operations will be minimal. Building numbers will remain the same; only the street name will change.

  • Correspondence addressed to Academic Drive will continue to be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to the new addresses for the foreseeable future.
  • Because the District generally does not order pre-printed items such as stationery and letterhead, we simply will be updating electronic versions of these materials for future use. Schools and departments will simply update any materials bearing the address prior to placing new orders. Other materials will be updated during the course of the normal lifecycle process.
  • The District currently is in the process of updating official addresses with ROE, ISBE, law enforcement/emergency responders, and other such administrative agencies, as well as services such as Google Maps, etc.
  • The District also will update addresses with all vendors on file with whom schools have a business relationship.

Please note that these processes likely will take some time to play out to completion. Thus, individuals may encounter inconsistencies in how the address is listed in various places and with various outside organizations.

If you encounter an issue with one address, please use the other address. If you encounter an issue related to the street name that you are unable to resolve, please call the District Office at (847) 659-6158 for guidance.