Make a Report

If you hear something, say something!

We provide numerous channels for students, staff, parents, and community members to make a report of any concern regarding safety and security, whether it be an incident of bullying, an overheard threat, or a concern about general safety.

Reporting Options

Online Bullying Report Form
Fill out online form to report an incident or concern, which will be forwarded to the respective building administrator. While the form includes name and contact information fields, you may leave these blank to remain anonymous.
Anonymous Text and Email Tiplines
Individuals can text or email the following school or District numbers or email addresses to report concerns. These will be received immediately by school district personnel equipped to respond quickly.

McHelp App
MCHELP is an anonymous texting service that allows teens to find immediate help. The service is available 24/7 and targets middle and high school students. It is completely anonymous, and is staffed with trained, licensed counselors to support teenagers who have a concern or a crisis. Download the app to use the free service. DownloadDownload