District Dashboard

Welcome to the District Dashboard for Huntley Community School District 158. This Dashboard has been created to monitor progress in areas conducive to fostering a quality school system and quality schools.

Similar to an automobile dashboard, the District Dashboard provides a quick glance at key indicators to monitor our success in working with students and school district operations. The Dashboard is one of the tools used by the district to provide transparent communication to all stakeholders for the purposes of increasing understanding about District 158, while keeping parents, students, staff, and community members informed on the District’s progress toward meeting its mission to “InspireChallenge, and Empower all students always.”

The Dashboard focuses on the following four main areas:

Student Achievement: Provides measurements of students’ academic achievement (national and state tests), as well as student participation in Advanced Placement (AP) courses and performance on AP exams.

Student Enrollment & Discipline: Measures the increase in student enrollment from 2009 to 2011 while maintaining a low rate of discipline referrals.

District Finances: Provides a snapshot of District 158′s ability to provide a high quality education at a low Operating Expenditure per Pupil cost.  Reports ratings by outside agencies related to the financial health of the district.

Staff Certification: Reports the percentage of staff with certification in multiple areas and the percentage of staff with ELL/Bilingual certification.  Includes information depicting the increase in staff who have obtained National Board Certification.

To review the Dashboard data, simply click on one of the dashboard gauges.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Huntley Community School District 158!