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  • Positive Tests: Please note that the totals above represent cases of positive tests that have been reported to the District. Without students in buildings, data for students represents information that has been voluntarily reported.
  • Isolation and Quarantine: 
    • “Isolation,” as defined by IDPH, is the physical separation and confinement of an individual or groups of individuals who are infected or reasonably believed to be infected with a contagious or possibly contagious disease from non-isolated individuals, to prevent or limit the transmission of the disease to non-isolated individuals.
    • “Quarantine,” as defined by IDPH, is the physical separation and confinement of an individual or groups of individuals who are or may have been exposed to a contagious disease or possibly contagious disease and who do not show signs or symptoms.
    • Please note that isolation and quarantine data represent current point-in-time numbers. Isolation and quarantine totals are typically input in the evening on a daily basis, and totals displayed during the day may be incomplete.
  • All data are updated in as timely a manner as possible. Processing delays may mean any number indicated above is not up-to-the-minute.

McHenry County Department of Health Decision Matrix

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County and Local Metrics

Illinois Department of Public Health Region 9 Positivity Rate

McHenry County Positivity Rate

Tests per day, cases per day, positivity rate, and weekly new case rate/100,000
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Modified Remote Learning Feedback (September-October 2020)

Elementary Hybrid Opt-in (Sent September 17)

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Elementary K-5 Hybrid Opt-in (2.0) (Sent December 11)

Elementary Hybrid Learning Selection ChartElementary Hybrid Transportation Selection

Secondary 6-12 Hybrid Opt-in (2.0) (Compiled November-December 2020)

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Initial Reopening Opt-in (Sent July 17)

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Return to School Family Survey (Sent July 6)
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What is the definition of an “outbreak” in regard to schools?

Five COVID-19 infections (laboratory-positive by PCR or antigen testing) occurring within 14 calendar days of each other in individuals in the same classroom meets the case definition for an outbreak in a Pre-K-12 school. The cases need to be epidemiologically linked by known exposure with respect to place (same classroom) and time (within 14 calendar days). This would prompt an investigation by the local health department that may result in recommendations for testing and quarantining of students/staff in the affected classroom.

Will I be notified about COVID-19 developments in my student’s school?

Yes. When a positive case is identified at a school, a general notification is sent to the school community outlining followup steps being taken. Individual staff members or students may be contacted during the contact tracing process, and we urge you to cooperate with this process if you are contacted. If there is additional concern for individuals or groups such as a classroom, team, or entire school, notification will be sent regarding additional actions to be taken. To ensure that your contact information and preferences are up-to-date, follow the instructions here.