Mrs. Marion Conley
Mrs. Marion Conley

Schools in District 158 have been named after people who have had a major influence on the education of our children. Marion Conley taught school from 1926-1945 in a one-room school house located on the corner of Haligus and Conley roads.  When Huntley built its first school, Marion began teaching in town. She taught third grade from 1946-1972.

When Marion passed away in 1978, a memorial of “The Fairy Tale” was donated to the school district. A lighted globe was also donated. Both have found a new home at the Conley Elementary School, dedicated to her memory in April 2006.

Our building opened its doors in fall of 2005 and it currently houses 650 third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students.  Classe sizess average about 23 students.  All student registration is completed at the Student Registration Department, which is in the District Administration Building on our campus.