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2021-2022 Theatre Season


Huntley High School Thespian Troupe 6147 Presents Sarah Ruhl’s

“Dead Man’s Cell Phone”


~ Thursday, September 23 – 7PM

~ Friday, September 24 – 7PM

~ Saturday, September 25 – 2PM

~ Saturday, September 25 – 7PM


Tickets Available September 5, 2021

An incessantly ringing cell phone in a quiet café. A stranger at the next table who has had enough of it. And a dead man – with a lot of loose ends. So begins Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Dead Man’s Cell Phone is a work about how we remember the dead – and how that memorialization changes us. It is the journey of a woman forced to confront her presumptions about morality, redemption, and isolation in a technologically obsessed society.

Dead Man’s Cell Phone portrays the concerns regarding the power of communication, particularly how obsessed we have become to stay in touch at all times, even at the most inopportune times.

Heineman Middle School’s Production of

Disney’s “Moana Jr.”


~ Friday, October 22 – 7PM

~ Saturday, October 23 – 2PM

~ Saturday, October 23 – 7PM


Tickets Available September 30, 2021

This thrilling and heartwarming coming-of-age story follows the strong-willed Moana as she sets sail across the Pacific to save her village and discover the truth about her heritage. Moana and the legendary demigod Maui embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and camaraderie as both learn to harness the power that lies within. With empowering messages of bravery and selflessness, Moana Jr. is sure to bring out the hero within each of us.

Huntley High School Presents William Shakespeare’s

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


~ Thursday, November 18 – 7PM

~ Friday, November 19 – 7PM

~ Saturday, November 20 – 2PM

~ Saturday, November 20 – 7PM


Tickets Available October 28, 2021

A Midsummer Night’s Dream deals with the universal theme of love and its complications: lust, disappointment, confusion, marriage. The plot focuses on three parallel stories: the trials and experiences of two sets of lovers camping in a magical forest, the world of the Fairy King and Queen and their elves, and a group of rough craftsmen attempting to stage a production of “Pyramus and Thisby” for the wedding of the Duke of Athens.

Hermia is in love with Lysander, but her father wants her to marry Demetrius. To escape the arranged marriage, she and Lysander elope into the woods. Demetrius follows them, and he is pursued by Helena, who nurses an unrequited passion for him. A love quadrangle develops among the young lovers when mischievous Puck plays Cupid. “The course of true love never did run smooth” says Lysander. Meanwhile, a group of amateur actors rehearses a badly-written play in the woods, and soon all find their lives changed by the doings of Oberon and Titania, the warring king and queen of the fairies. Magic, action, love and humor are the ingredients for this unforgettable spell.

Marlowe Middle School Presents Lindsay Price’s


A Vignette Play in One Act


~ Friday, December 10 – 7PM

~ Saturday, December 11 – 2PM

~ Saturday, December 11 – 7PM


Tickets Available November 18, 2021

Sometimes we choose the way the world sees us. Black box – indestructible. Jewelry box – plain on the outside, shiny on the inside. Sometimes our box is defined by others – our parents, our friends, our enemies. A box built by others can feel small, confined, impossible.

How do we handle the boxes imposed upon us because of our gender? Our race? From peer pressure? From parent pressure? Do we have to live with our box for the rest of our lives? Can we change?

Marlowe Middle School Presents

Disney’s “Aladdin Jr.”

~ Friday, March 18 – 7PM

~ Saturday, March 19 – 2PM

~ Saturday, March 19 – 7PM


Tickets Available February 24, 2022

Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character. 

Huntley High School Presents

“The Addam’s Family”
A New Musical Comedy


~ Thursday, April 21 – 7PM

~ Friday, April 22 – 7PM

~ Saturday, April 23 – 2PM

~ Saturday, April 23 – 7PM


Tickets Available March 24, 2022

The Addams Family, a comical feast that embraces the wackiness in every family, features an original story and it’s every father’s nightmare: Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family– a man her parents have never met. And if that wasn’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before– keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.










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