Member Development

All Illinois school board members must receive training in professional development leadership (P.A. 97-8) and the Open Meetings Act (P.A. 97-504). Mandatory training will also be required after the new teacher evaluation requirements are implemented in each school district. For additional information, see Board policy 2:120, Board Member Development.

The following table contains mandatory and non-mandatory training and development activities that were completed by each Board member.

Date Completed
Fleck MichaelJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Fleck MichaelKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Fleck MichaelJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Fleck MichaelGet Your Message Out: Your Role in Crafting an Effective Public Image11/17/2017
Fleck MichaelJoint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Fleck MichaelKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting09/22/2016
Fleck MichaelPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Fleck MichaelPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Fleck MichaelCollective Bargaining11/21/2014
Fleck MichaelBoard Presidents11/16/2013
Fleck MichaelBasics of Governance05/11/2013
Fleck MichaelOMA05/10/2013
Fleck MichaelPDLT/PERA05/10/2013
Geheren WilliamJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Geheren WilliamJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Geheren WilliamPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Geheren WilliamPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Geheren WilliamPDLT/PERA11/20/2015
Geheren WilliamMedia Interest or Media Circus11/21/2014
Geheren WilliamThe Trust Edge11/21/2014
Geheren WilliamLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Geheren WilliamDiversity & Inclusion11/16/2012
Geheren WilliamInspiring Trust11/16/2012
Geheren WilliamVision Value Conflicts & Choices11/18/2011
Geheren WilliamBasics of Finance06/18/2011
Geheren WilliamBasics of Law on Board Meetings06/17/2011
Geheren WilliamBasics of Governance06/16/2011
Gentry KevinJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Gentry KevinJoint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Gentry KevinSchool Finance for School Board Members11/18/2016
Gentry KevinPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Gentry KevinSchool Finance for Board Members11/20/2015
Gentry KevinSocial Media11/20/2015
Gentry KevinPDLT/PERA11/21/2014
Gentry KevinOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Gentry KevinData First11/18/2011
Gentry KevinThe Board's First Responsibility11/19/2010
Gentry KevinDiversity & Inclusion11/20/2009
Gentry KevinSuperintendent Evaluation08/13/2009
Gentry KevinSchool Law & Finance06/08/2007
Melendy LesliKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Melendy LesliJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Melendy LesliNew Board Member Workshops - DeKalb Basics of Governance06/03/2017
Melendy LesliNew Board Member Workshops - DeKalb OMA06/02/2017
Melendy LesliNew Board Member Workshops - DeKalb PDLT/PERA06/02/2017
Quagliano AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Quagliano AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Quagliano AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Quagliano AnthonyPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Quagliano AnthonyClosing the Gaps AM11/20/2015
Quagliano AnthonyPDLT/PERA11/21/2014
Quagliano AnthonyLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Quagliano AnthonyOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Quagliano AnthonyFinancial Oversight Essentials11/19/2010
Quagliano AnthonyThe Board and its Superintendent11/21/2008
Quagliano AnthonyMaking Meetings Matter11/16/2007
Troy PaulDivision Officer 2018-1901/02/2019
Troy PaulDelegate Assembly11/18/2018
Troy PaulJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Troy PaulImprove the Board, Improve Student Achievement: eXceptional Governance11/16/2018
Troy PaulDeep Equity Lens: A Systemic Leadership Process11/16/2018
Troy PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Troy PaulLeaderShop Academy Symposium06/09/2018
Troy PaulCourse: Test Course Community Engagement06/01/2018
Troy PaulDivision Officer 2017-1812/11/2017
Troy PaulJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Troy PaulGet Your Message Out: Your Role in Crafting an Effective Public Image11/17/2017
Troy PaulFellow Pilot Participation07/14/2017
Troy PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting03/23/2017
Troy PaulNettelhorst Elementary School Tour11/18/2016
Troy PaulIASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Troy PaulA Courageous Conversation About Race and Its Impact on Achieving Equity in Schools11/18/2016
Troy PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting09/22/2016
Troy PaulPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Troy PaulPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Troy Paul2015-2016 Summary06/30/2016
Troy PaulLeaderShop Academy Symposium 201606/18/2016
Troy PaulPre-netFORUM History06/04/2016
Troy PaulClosing the Gaps AM11/20/2015
Troy PaulSocial Media PM11/20/2015
Troy PaulMedia Interest or Media Circus11/21/2014
Troy PaulThe Trust Edge11/21/2014
Troy PaulLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Troy PaulTough Talking11/16/2013
Troy PaulProfessional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members05/10/2013
Troy PaulPDLT/PERA05/10/2013
Troy PaulSchool Board Accountability11/16/2012
Troy PaulOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Troy PaulVision Value Conflicts & Choices11/18/2011
Troy PaulThe Board's First Responsibility11/19/2010
Troy PaulCollective Bargaining11/20/2009
Troy PaulSuperintendent Evaluation08/13/2009
Troy PaulBasics of Finance08/08/2009
Troy PaulBasics of Governance08/06/2009
Troy PaulBasics of Law on Board Meetings08/06/2009
Walker Ra'ShawnJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Walker Ra'ShawnPDLT and PERA Training for School Board Members11/16/2018
Walker Ra'ShawnKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Walker Ra'ShawnCourse: Open Meetings Act (OMA) Training 2.1*09/21/2018