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Video: Dual Language Coming to Huntley 158 for 2018-19

Beginning in fall 2018, Huntley 158 plans to add a kindergarten dual language classroom at each of its three kindergarten buildings, Chesak Elementary, Leggee Elementary, and Mackeben Elementary School, and two 1st-grade classrooms at Chesak Elementary. Watch this video to … Watch the video »

Huntley 158 Today: Members of the HHS Class of 2017

Four Class of 2017 graduates: Heather Baldacci, Hailey Hill, Claudia Kosiak, and Jacob Wat have all excelled in academics, with GPAs in the top 10 among the class’s more than 700 graduates. But equally as important, each has forged a distinctive path through high school, including finding the right balance among academics, extracurriculars, and social life. Their advice and future plans »

Huntley 158 Today: Preparing For Kindergarten

Today we talk with Scott Iddings, principal of Leggee Elementary School; Carrie Hernandez, Leggee kindergarten teacher; and Carter, a kindergarten veteran, about what to expect at kindergarten registration and in the classroom. At kindergarten registration events, families have the opportunity to tour the school, meet staff, and get to know their school. Watch the video »

Huntley 158 Today: Medical Residency Students Reflect on Year One

Today we speak with five students from the inaugural class of Huntley High School’s pioneering Youth Residency Program about their experiences. They’ll share their favorite memories from their one-of-a-kind experience as well as how the program has helped them develop their plans for the future. See behind the scenes »

Huntley 158 Today: Students Enlisting in the Military

On this special two-part episode, we speak with six Huntley High School who shortly after graduation will be shipping out for service in the military. As we near graduation season, we are so proud and honored to speak with these students about the choices they have made to enter the military.

On Part I we speak with seniors Noah Drzal, Hal Hardy, and Gunnar Vogt, and junior Myranda Anderson about their motivations for joining the military and their future plans. On Part II, we speak with seniors Taylor Velez and Zack Flick about their personal histories with the military and their future plans. Two special episodes »

Huntley 158 Today: Huntley Community Radio

Today we speak with Bill Geheren and Kate Curtin, aka the Dudes and Duchess of Huntley Community Radio. The station also broadcasts HHS football games, garnering thousands of listeners from throughout the country. Broadcasting at 101.5 FM locally and online at, HCR has become an integral part of the community. Broadcasting live from HHS »

Huntley 158 Today: Community Partnership with Culver’s

Today we speak with Richard Myers, manager of Culver’s in Huntley, which over the years has partnered in numerous ways with Huntley 158. In addition, we talk with HHS senior Trevor Sass, who says he will take his experiences working at Culver’s through the school’s Co-op Program with him to the United States Marine Corps. Familiar faces at schools »

Huntley 158 Today: Huntley Area Chamber of Commerce

Today we speak with Sunday Graham, of the Huntley Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition to hosting the ribbon cutting event for Huntley High School’s new addition in 2016, the Chamber partners with the District in many ways. According to Graham, strong local schools have a large positive effect on home values and business growth. Mutually beneficial partnerships »

Huntley 158 Today: HHS Principal Discusses Blended Learning

Today HHS Principal Scott Rowe discusses the school’s pioneering ALPHA Courses Blended Learning program. Through it, the school offers some 40 classes combining face-to-face and online work, from math to PE. Its successes have been documented by, Parenting Magazine, and many other national and trade publications. Nationally recognized »

Huntley 158 Today: Ballet Helps HHS Band Reach Top Honors

Today we speak with Phil Carter, Huntley High School band director, and three students from the school’s award-winning bands. In 2016, the Marching Red Raiders took top visual honors at statewide competition. In addition, concert bands and ensembles have performed at a number of competitions, and students have received a host of top honors. Unorthodox training »

Huntley 158 Today: Engineering Academy Students on Robots, Classes

On this episode of Huntley 158 Today we speak with Amanda Henk, a teacher who both was instrumental in the formation of the HHS Engineering Academy and is coach of the HHS Robotics Team. We also chat with three students and robotics team members about their experiences so far in the Academy. Upcoming competitions »

Huntley 158 Today: What is the Co-Op Program?

Today we speak with three students and teacher Page Schwaschwary from the HHS Co-Op Program. The class pairs in-school study of skills such as communication, interviewing, and college and career prep with early release for students to work real jobs in the community. The program works with more than 100 businesses in McHenry County. Deep ties to community »

Huntley 158 Today: Connecting Students with College and Careers

Today we speak with HHS counselor Julie Atchley and several students who have benefited from the school’s adoption of Naviance, a leading online service that pairs students with college and career choices. Atchley says it is just one tool the Counseling Department uses to help students plot their post-secondary paths. Personalized profiles »

Huntley 158 Today: The LIGHT Program’s Shining Successes

Today we speak with four students from the Huntley 158 LIGHT Program, which serves special education students ages 18-21 who have completed graduation requirements but delayed acceptance of their diploma. About 75% of students in the program are competitively employed through partnerships with about 40 local employers. Watch the video »

Huntley 158 Today: Transition from ACT to SAT

Huntley High School has been working with staff, students, and families to prepare for the SAT Exam, which Illinois selected to replace the ACT as the statewide college readiness assessment. Associate Principal Shelly Kish joins us to answer your questions about the shift and share where people can go for more information. Your FAQs answered »

Medical Academy Students Discuss One-of-a-Kind Residency

Twenty-four students from the HHS Medical Academy are pioneering a medical residency program in partnership with Centegra Health System. Believed to be the first of its kind, the program gives students the opportunity to shadow healthcare professionals for several hours each week in departments throughout Centegra facilities. Real-world experiences »

Huntley 158 Today: What Drives Mrs. Robinson?

On our holiday episode of Huntley 158 Today, we talk with Patricia Robinson, one of our amazing bus drivers! In addition to winning over the hearts of thousands of students during her career with the District, Mrs. Robinson, better known to many of her riders as “Mama Bear,” also recently received a statewide “Those Who Excel” honor. What makes her smile everyday »

Huntley 158 Today: Special Services Spotlight

Did you know about 10% of students in Huntley Community School District 158 receive some level of support from the Special Services Department? In this episode of Huntley 158 Today, Special Services Director Kevin Wolf discusses the breadth of services the department offers and areas of focus to better serve students and their families. How many students receive supports? »

Huntley 158 Today: Macbeth at Huntley High School

On this “Halloween” episode, we speak with two students and the director from Huntley High School’s production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” We’ll talk to them about the challenges of doing Shakespeare at the high school level as well as the fun of performing their swashbuckling take on the classic drama. Why students love Shakespeare »

Huntley 158 Today: Orchestra Takes Center Stage

Huntley 158 introduced Orchestra to our middle schools in 2015-16. The program has drawn significant interest and will continue to expand in coming years into HHS. Today we check in with three Marlowe Middle School orchestra students and their teacher, Mr. Meza. Watch as they discuss their experiences in orchestra and treat us to a performance! Watch them perform »

Huntley 158 Today: The Always Initiative at Huntley High School

In Fall 2016, all juniors and seniors at received Chromebooks, marking the final step in the implementation of Huntley 158’s Always Initiative, the largest K-12 1:1 implementation in Illinois. Today we speak with Rikki Holton, one of four HHS instructional coaches working with fellow teachers to effectively integrate technology in instruction. A Chromebook for every student »

Huntley 158 Today: Students Earn Perfect ACT Scores

Huntley High School students Caitlin Murray and Savannah Fiedler were among just 1,598 out of 1.92 million nationwide to earn a perfect score of 36 on the ACT. Less than one-tenth of 1 percent of all test-takers receive a perfect composite score. We ask them about the moment they found out, and what prepared them for their success. Their reactions to the news »

182 HHS Students Named to AP Scholar List

On this episode of Huntley 158 Today, we talk with three 2016 AP Scholars about their experiences at Huntley High School. In 2016, 182 HHS students and graduates earned the designation of AP Scholar from the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program (AP) exams. See them on Huntley 158 Today »

Huntley 158 Today: Performing Arts Center

This week we check in with Lorie Woods and Nathan Knapke, who have helped transform the Performing Arts Center into a premier destination for theater and other performances. Their expertise has guided both a number of physical and technological improvements to the theater, as well as the audience experience. Professional-quality productions »

Huntley 158 Today: Communicating with our Community

The world of communications has changed drastically in the past 10-20 years, and we’re always looking for ways to best engage with our community. Today we speak with Dan Armstrong, director of communications and public engagement, about how we’ve evolved in both getting information to and receiving feedback from our community. Watch the video »

Huntley 158 Today: Chief Security Officer Adam Dean

Huntley 158 hired Adam Dean as its first Chief Security Officer in 2015. On this episode of Huntley 158 Today, he discusses both the law enforcement background he brings to the new position as well as some of the many changes in safety and security, including physical upgrades and new procedures, made in our schools during that time. Watch the video »

Huntley 158 Today: Summer Facilities Projects

The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Department was busy at work over the summer of 2016, overseeing new construction at HHS and a number of projects at other Huntley 158 locations. We speak with Doug Renkosik, director of O&M, about the challenges and successes in ensuring facilities that enable 21st-Century learning. Watch the video »

Introducing Huntley 158 Today Video Series

The District is excited to introduce Huntley 158 Today, a recurring video series featuring administrators and guests from throughout the District discussing current topics in our schools. The premiere episode features Superintendent John Burkey and Associate Superintendent Jessica Lombard discussing the kickoff to the 2016-17 school year. Watch the video »