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Huntley 158 Today: Ballet Helps HHS Band Reach Top Honors

Today we speak with Phil Carter, Huntley High School band director, and three students from the school’s award-winning bands. In 2016, the Marching Red Raiders took top visual honors at statewide competition. In addition, concert bands and ensembles have performed at a number of competitions, and students have received a host of top honors. Unorthodox training »

Huntley 158 Today: Macbeth at Huntley High School

On this “Halloween” episode, we speak with two students and the director from Huntley High School’s production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” We’ll talk to them about the challenges of doing Shakespeare at the high school level as well as the fun of performing their swashbuckling take on the classic drama. Why students love Shakespeare »

Huntley 158 Today: Orchestra Takes Center Stage

Huntley 158 introduced Orchestra to our middle schools in 2015-16. The program has drawn significant interest and will continue to expand in coming years into HHS. Today we check in with three Marlowe Middle School orchestra students and their teacher, Mr. Meza. Watch as they discuss their experiences in orchestra and treat us to a performance! Watch them perform »

Huntley 158 Today: Performing Arts Center

This week we check in with Lorie Woods and Nathan Knapke, who have helped transform the Performing Arts Center into a premier destination for theater and other performances. Their expertise has guided both a number of physical and technological improvements to the theater, as well as the audience experience. Professional-quality productions »