HHS Fine Arts Construction Parking and Traffic Information

Huntley High School families,

We are excited to share with you some long-awaited details about the fine arts expansion project that has been in the planning stage for our building for some time. This addition and renovation will provide our students engaged in fine arts classes and extracurricular activities with state-of-the-art facilities in which to practice and showcase their talents.

The Board of Education recently approved bid packages for the required work, and construction is set to begin quickly. We have an ambitious construction timeline, with completion expected by the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. Among highlights are the addition of a flexible, multipurpose Black Box Theater, a new scene shop for theatrical productions, additional space for band and orchestra rehearsals and storage, a renovated lobby and ticket booth, and other enhancements to support the HHS Fine Arts Academy. Detailed project plans are available to view online.

While this project will provide many benefits for our school, the construction work also will have effects on our existing traffic patterns and parking configurations. Please see the important information below to help maintain safety for students, staff, and visitors during construction.

  • New signage and/or lot markings will be added to direct traffic. Please heed these guides!
  • Barricades and fencing will be erected Thursday, August 22.
  • A safe student walkway will run from both the North Lot to Door 1 and East Lot to Door 10.
  • Students/visitors must use walkways and not cut across parking lots or construction areas.
  • Please use the east side of the parking lot for movement north and south.
  • The lane nearest the building will be one-way for parking lot access and access for emergency vehicles.
  • During events, traffic will be coordinated by event staff. Please follow the directions given by staff members wearing green vests.
  • Designated handicap parking spaces have been moved to be directly outside of Door 1 in the Front Lot and outside of Door 10 in the East Lot.
  • Please see this map for an outline of new traffic and parking patterns.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our parking lots safe while we make these important improvements to our school.


Marcus J. Belin