HHS Back to School Night 2019

Huntley High School will host Back to School Night for parents/guardians and students August 27 from 6:008:30 p.m.

The event will give attendees the opportunity to walk their students’ schedules, talk with teachers, and experience a little of what our students do each day. In addition, staff members will be on hand to share information about class expectations, what your child can do to be successful, technology assistance, and other topics.

You will follow your student’s schedule beginning with 1st hour and heading through 8th.  You will have 10 minutes in each class with 5 minute passing periods. Don’t worry, our Student Ambassadors will help to point you in the right direction and maps will be available at Door 1 and by the main staircase.  Students are not required to come, but feel free to bring them if you would like. Here is the bell schedule for the evening:

    • 1st   Period: 6:10 – 6:20
    • 2nd  Period:  6:25 – 6:35
    • 3rd  Period:  6:40 – 7:00 (extended 3rd hour for a video)
    • 4th  Period:  7:05 – 7:15
    • 5th  Period:  7:20 – 7:30
    • 6th  Period:  7:35 – 7:45
    • 7th  Period:  7:50 – 8:00
    • 8th  Period:  8:05- 8:15

We will begin 1st hour promptly at 6:10.  If you have visited our school before, you know the traffic can get heavy at times.  Please allow extra time to arrive early and make it to your 1st hour class on time.  Parking will be available in the East and West parking lots as well as the bus lot in the front of the building.  

Please bring a copy of your student’s schedule with you.  You may find your schedule on Power School along with room numbers.  You may print a copy of the schedule from Power School.

Throughout the evening in the Hub we will have staff available to answer questions on our Blended program, Haiku, and PowerSchool.  If you have questions regarding these topics, please feel free to drop by anytime so we can help to answer your questions!

During your child’s lunch hour, our counselors will be presenting pertinent information by grade level:

  • Freshmen:  “How’s the Transition Going?” in the Commons area (5th hour)
  • Sophomores-Seniors:  “College and Career Readiness”  in the Commons area (4th and 6th hours)

This is a great time to visit our school and experience a little of what your child does each day.  Our teachers will be sharing information about their class expectations and what your child can do to be successful.