Huntley 158 Today: Inside a Day in the Life of an Elementary School Student

On this episode of Huntley 158 Today we go inside what a “typical” day in the life of elementary school student in Huntley 158 looks like. We discuss classes, social lives, personal development, and technology with Leggee Elementary School Principal Scott Iddings and third-grade teacher Tammy Van Hiel.

Huntley 158 has five elementary schools: Chesak, Martin, Mackeben, Conley, and Leggee. At each of these schools, students enjoy specials classes including art, music, and PE, which is offered five days a week. In addition, beginning in 2019-20, students will participate in a new special called “Explore.” This STEM-focused special class will build off of the Project Lead The Way Launch curriculum to provide students with a collaborative, project-based learning environment each week.

Our elementary schools also were the first in our district to go 1:1, with every student receiving a personal learning device.

Watch to learn about how these and other changes have informed what and how our elementary students learn each day in our district.