Mackeben Project Spreads Kindness Throughout the Country Over Spring Break

Mackeben took on kindness in the month of March and spread it all around! Each of the 516 students at Mackeben painted two rocks during their art classes in March. One rock was placed in the Mackeben Courtyard as a reminder to always be kind to our friends at school, and the other painted rock traveled on spring break with our students.

Students were so excited to share their #kindnessrocks with the communities they visited over spring break! Parents took pictures of where the #kindnessrocks landed and shared the city and state location. All pictures have been posted on the Mackeben Facebook page. See a sample of just a few locations below:

Check out Mackeben Elementary School’s page for some insider info on where you might find #kindnessrocks left by their students all across the local area and entire country over spring break! Love this project!

Posted by Huntley Community School District 158 on Wednesday, March 27, 2019


#kindnessrocks by the numbers:

  • 1,032 Rocks were painted by students in the month of March
  • 125 Locations were shared via email
  • 49 #kindnessrocks landed outside of Illinois
  • 71 #kindnessrocks stayed in Illinois
  • 5 #kindnessrocks ended up in a different country.

“Students were excited to pass kindness onto anyone who needs it!” said Principal Anna Hoyou. “They enjoyed sharing the message that ‘with love and support anything is possible’ through our rock painting!”