2nd Grade Class Publishes Book: “Ugly Animals Make the World Beautiful”

Last week second graders in the classroom of Erica Landise at Leggee Elementary School received copies of their own collaboratively published book, Ugly Animals Make the World Beautiful.

To create the book, which was published through Studentreasures Publishing, each student researched an “ugly” animal, and wrote how it makes the world a beautiful place.

The activity was completed as part of the class’s regular writer’s workshop for December and January.

“Students learned how to research a topic, take notes, and put those notes into a published paragraph,” Landise said. “Students also created diagrams and fact boxes for their ugly animal.”

The idea for the book came from instructional coach Jo Anne Heinz. For the finished book, each student created a final copy page, which were combined and sent it to the published. The books were then published and in the students hands within a month.

Students were able to order individual copies, and additional copies are now available in the school library.

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