Anxiety Resources for HHS Parents and Students

Huntley High School students received a presentation including resources for dealing with anxiety issues, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, School Anxiety, and Social Anxiety.

In addition, staff members received training on assisting students experiencing anxiety.

Students and parents of students experiencing anxiety issues are strongly encouraged to reach out to their counselor or social worker.

Please see the resources below, which also have been shared with students.

A Message from Principal Belin

Anxiety 101 Presentation

Includes links to various apps and community resources

Direct link to presentation »

What is Anxiety?

Cheat sheet including resources including background on various anxiety disorders and tips for coping with anxiety:

What is Anxiety? (PDF)


What kind of self-care is right for you? Take the 5 question quiz to get more resources:

Take the Self-Care Quiz

80+ Self-Care Activities for Teens (PDF)

HHS Support for Anxiety

See for names of counselors and social workers here at HHS as well as additional resources.

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