Safe Driving Reminders for Harmony Road Campus

Harmony Road Campus Families,

We wanted to share with you a brief reminder about the importance of driving safely on and around our campus, especially during the busy pickup and dropoff times.

The recent school bus-related tragedies we’ve heard about in the news represent the worst nightmares of families and educators. They also serve as reminders that no one and no place is immune from the dangers of unsafe driving. We ask everyone to please heed these reminders to help ensure the safety of the more than 4,000 students and staff who visit our schools every day.

Unfortunately, we continue to see distracted driving on our roads, even in close proximity to our schools. Please refrain from texting, talking, surfing, or other use of devices while driving in a school zone. Please note that distracted driving in a school zone is not only dangerous to our students, but also is a crime. Our local law enforcement partners are enforcing these laws with hefty tickets for violations.

In our parking lots and surrounding roads, it’s important to watch your speed and pay attention to traffic patterns. We are in a situation involving lots of cars, buses, and people moving in close proximity for brief but busy periods of time. Lots of time and attention over the past several years has gone into planning and design of our lots to allow safe and effective operation during peak times. We also have staff (in bright green vests) working to maintain effective and orderly movement of traffic. Please look out for them and heed their signals. The system only works when everyone follows the rules.

We also are aware of the congestion that can occur on the roadways to and from campus during busy dropoff and pickup times. During these peak times especially, we urge drivers to remain patient and to heed traffic lanes and laws. When dropping off and picking up students, please have them exit on the passenger side of the vehicle. In addition, to help keep traffic moving, please do not block the intersection at Hemmer and Main Street or at Hemmer and Harmony.

As we enter snow and ice season, the dangers listed above will only become more apparent. Now is the time to make a commitment to driving safely on our campus.

Our schools and the District have a team of dedicated individuals working together to make transportation go as smoothly as possible on our campus, and we appreciate your partnership in making our efforts successful. Thank you for your ongoing help in keeping our kids safe!


Marcus Belin, Principal
Huntley High School

Scott Iddings, Principal
Leggee Elementary School