2018 Illinois School Report Cards Released

Huntley 158 families,

We are pleased to share with you some information from the new 2018 Illinois School Report Card, which has just been published by the Illinois State Board of Education. While the report card is far from a complete picture of our District, it is a rich source of data for the community and for our internal stakeholders.

There are a few items of note we would like to bring to your attention. First, the State has added a number of new dimensions to the report card. Among these are new summative designations for every school in the state. Schools are designated as one the following as an overall description of a school’s service to students based on multiple factors and compared to other schools in the state: Exemplary School, Commendable School, Underperforming School, or Lowest Performing School.

The designations provide a public benchmark of each school’s progress toward the goal of preparing all students for success in college and career. We are pleased that all of our schools have received designations as “Commendable” or “Exemplary.” These designations indicate that, under the State’s definitions, our schools have no underperforming subgroups and do have strong graduation rates and overall academic performance.

  • Huntley High School: Commendable
  • Heineman Middle School: Commendable
  • Marlowe Middle School: Commendable
  • Chesak Elementary: Commendable
  • Conley Elementary: Commendable
  • Leggee Elementary: Exemplary
  • Mackeben Elementary: Commendable
  • Martin Elementary: Commendable

In addition, the new report card includes a summary dashboard for every school, additional funding information related to the state’s definition of adequacy, academic growth indicators, English Learner scores and growth, educator qualifications, and a summary of evaluation outcomes, in addition to several other measures.

We welcome these additions to help our community to better understand the hard work resulting in successes witnessed within Huntley 158. Internally, this data is used to review trends, compare results from different data sources, evaluate programs and initiatives, and put in place improvement plans at each school. While the data landscape in Huntley 158 is much more extensive than that represented on the public report card, we do encourage you to explore illinoisreportcard.com.


Dr. Scott Rowe