Marlowe Students Create PSA for Teen Issues with STAR 105.5

Several students from Megan Brickey’s Team 8-4 literacy class at Marlowe Middle School got to spread messages about important teen topics over the airwaves of STAR 105.5 as part of a class project.

The class worked in small groups to identify topics of crisis for today’s teenagers. They read books dealing with the issues, researched them, and recorded public service announcements to raise awareness for them with the assistance of the radio station.

“Each book dealt with some form of conflict or crisis for teenagers,” Brickey said.

Topics included steroid use, drinking, sexual assault, bullying, vaping, anxiety, depression, and other issues facing teens in our society.

Students were also interviewed about their project by STAR 105.5 news director Stew Cohen for the station’s weekly public affairs show Northwest Spectrum.

Listen to the episode »

Brickey said the project was envisioned to build students’ literacy skills from reading, researching, and learning about topics and applying them in a real-world project.

Several students read their PSA during the recording with the radio station.

“I just really wanted to find things that would help people with their self-esteem to bring it up because it is a very serious problem,” said a student who researched self-esteem issues for the project. “People don’t really think of how much it can affect someone.”

You can listen to the full episode of Northwest Spectrum featuring students, available as an .mp3 file here.