New Parking and Traffic Flow at Chesak, Martin, and ECC

The renovated parking lots serving Chesak, Martin, and the Early Childhood Center will have improved parking and traffic flow. Please see the diagrams below for your school. Please contact your school with any questions.

Click on the images below to view/download high-resolution PDFs.


Chesak Pickup-DropoffChesak Pickup/Dropoff
Chesak ParkingChesak Parking

Chesak District Bus Pickup-DropoffChesak District Bus Pickup-Dropoff
Chesak Private Bus Pickup-DropoffChesak Private Bus Pickup-Dropoff

Early Childhood Center

ECC Pickup/DropoffECC Pickup/Dropoff
ECC ParkingECC Parking
ECC Bus Pickup/DropoffECC Bus Pickup/Dropoff


Martin Pickup/DropoffMartin Pickup/Dropoff
Martin ParkingMartin Parking