Martin Student Receives Infinitec Award

Tyler Dotson, a 5th-grade student in Mrs. Evans’ class at Martin Elementary School has been honored as a 2018 Infinitec Assistive Technology Award winner.

Dotson received the award along with his mother, Michelle, and his team of Huntley 158 staff (Jennifer Evans/teacher, Chloe Fielder/SLP, Trisha Boskey/SW, Lori Conway/OT, Christine Newman/paraprofessional, Debi Ryan/SLP-AT) in April at the Infinitec Outstanding Student Technology Awards held at The Cotillion in Arlington Heights.

Once a year, the Infinitec Coalition recognizes 12 students who excel using assistive technology to access curriculum and demonstrate functional independence at school. Tyler has apraxia, which impacts his ability to speak and use his hands. He uses an iPad with a communication app called TouchChat to communicate.

He also uses other forms of Assistive Technology (AT) on his Chromebook to help him with written communication. Tyler writes with tools such as CoWriter and Clicker Connect on his Chromebook.

“He especially likes to tell jokes to his friends!” said Kristin Smith, Huntley 158 assistive technologist. “All of these tools make it possible for Tyler to express his thoughts, feelings, and academic knowledge as independently as possible.”

Congratulations to Tyler and his entire team! Watch video of his award acceptance below.