Followup on National Walkout Day

Huntley 158 families,

We want to follow up with you about the National Walkout Day that was held today. At Huntley High School, Marlowe Middle School, and Heineman Middle School, small numbers of students participated in a walkout at 10:00 a.m. As was the case with the much larger walkout in March, the student demonstrations were peaceful and organized and occurred without incident. Those who participated were marked absent from classes.

We thank our staff members and law enforcement partners who worked proactively on plans to ensure student safety in the event of potential walkouts. We also thank all members of our community who have continued the conversation around school safety, from students who continue to make their voices heard in a variety of ways, to individuals who have emailed and called the administration to give their thoughts, to families who have held open and honest conversations about these issues at home.

Once again, we encourage all members of the community to lend their voices to the ongoing discussion of school safety. We are listening.


Brad Hawk
Interim Superintendent