Information Regarding National Walkout Day April 20

Huntley 158 families,

We want to give you the latest information we have on possible walkouts in connection with the national walkout day planned on April 20, 2018. We recently have heard from some students at the high school about a planned walkout at 10:00 a.m., to last 17 minutes, in a manner similar to the walkouts that occurred last month.

Given the peaceful and organized manner in which the previous walkouts occurred, we will take a similar approach to this situation. As was the case with the previous walkout, we are not encouraging students at any of our schools to participate in a walkout. Nonetheless, we are putting together plans to ensure student safety in the event of a walkout. We are working with law enforcement partners at each of our campuses on preparations, and our staff will be prepared to secure campuses and ensure a safe environment if a walkout occurs. As before, there are no plans to issue discipline for students who participate in respectful forms of protest. However, we will mark absent any student who does not report to scheduled classes on April 20, unless they are called out by a parent excusing the absence.

Please note: Members of the community visiting campuses in regard to regular business will be allowed to enter. However, any non-student member of the community attempting to protest will not be allowed on school property and will kindly be asked to leave.​

Thank you for your ongoing support of our students and school safety efforts.

Brad Hawk
Interim Superintendent