Heineman Garden Designated a NWF-Certified Wildlife Habitat

The Heineman Middle School Ecology Club Garden has received designation as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

HMS Students in the Garden

This distinction is awarded to gardens which meet the following criteria:

1) Provision of food for wildlife: The HMS garden contains a bird feeding station.
2) Provision of water for wildlife: The HMS garden contains a birdbath.
3) Provision of cover for wildlife: The HMS garden contains a pear tree which allows for birds to roost.
4) Places to raise young: The pear tree contains a robin’s nest, and the garden’s mulch provides a nesting ground for Killdeer birds. The club also has planted shrubs which allow for toads and salamanders to nest.

The garden now sports a plaque from the NWF signifying its status, which students recently helped to install.