Young Authors Winners Announced

Congratulations to the school winners of our 2018 Young Authors competition. In addition, we thank all of the community volunteers who lent their time to serve as judges for the contest.

Winners will be recognized at the April Board of Education meeting.

Kindergarten: Trent Davis, T-Rex Soccer – Mrs. Wilkinson
1st grade: Ava Embury, Ruby’s New Home – Miss Goldstein
2nd grade: Stephen Fusco, The Four Dogs – Mrs. Gore

Kindergarten: Madison Ganek, Kitty Goes to School – Mrs. Fuca
1st grade: Morgan Firak, Okapi’s First Day of School – Mrs. Albanese
2nd grade: Leah Thorstenson, Practicing For A Puppy – Mrs. Brancato

Kindergarten: Callie Fulton, My Friends Are The Best – Mrs. Hernandez
First grade: Carter Schoeberlein, The Soccer Ball Mystery – Mrs. Hora
Second grade: Avery Rose, The Tale of the Magic Marble – Mrs. Kunde
3rd grade: Giana Patel, Friends Whenever Forever – Mrs. Van Hiel
4th grade: Evelyn Li, Search for the Source – Mrs. Bidinger
5th grade: Alexis Davis, World Wide Holiday – Ms. Sul

3rd grade: Nick Duffy, Mr. Sumo and Tall Dude – Miss Heisler
4th grade: Emily Ernst, A Dream of a Lifetime – Mrs. Fusco
5th grade: Arya Ferguson, The Lost Emerald – Mrs. Reed

3rd grade: Neha Gopalakrishnan, A Golden Friendship – Mrs. Girmscheid
4th grade: Rebecca Powe, Old Paws – Ms. Kunde
5th grade: Delaney Gross, Bones – Mr. Johnson

Ava Trudeau, Extra Ordinary
Shreya Chakraborty, The Selection
Faith Rasmussen, Queen of Tagging

Ellie Armstrong, Task 3.0.9
Rebekah Reeves, In the Mind of an Introvert