A Brief Review of Our Safety and Security Efforts

Huntley 158 families,

As we head back to school after this short break, we know that the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida remains on the minds of many. It certainly continues to weigh on us. No single thought strikes greater fear in the hearts of families than the idea that such an incident could occur in our schools, and no single issue occupies a higher place in our list of priorities than the safety of our students and staff.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you and review with you some of the proactive measures we have taken to secure our schools:

  • First area district to add anonymous tip line
  • Bullying committee established
  • Hired Chief Security Officer – Fall 2015
  • Hired additional campus supervisors (dean’s assistants) at Huntley High School
  • Added shatter-proof glass to all school front doors – Summer 2015
  • Added video-secured entrance system at all schools (except HHS) – Summer 2015
  • Added HHS Single Point Entrance/Exit with Security Desk – Summer 2015
  • Implemented Gaggle District-wide – Summer 2016
  • Added Raptor visitor management system at all schools – Summer 2016
  • New security camera system installed on all buses – Spring 2017
  • Review of Emergency Response Booklet – Fall 2017
  • Annual emergency drill schedule, including Code Red, at all schools

We also work closely with local law enforcement, fire, and emergency response agencies within the Huntley, Lake in the Hills, and Algonquin communities. This working relationship includes annual reviews of emergency procedures, participation in regular emergency drills, and regular consultation on protocols and procedures to manage emerging issues.

These efforts are significant. But they are not enough to guarantee that such a tragedy never occurs at one of our schools. The truth is that no amount of physical reinforcements to our buildings can ensure complete security. Only through the continued committed efforts of our students, staff, families, and community members can we keep our community safe.

Within our schools, that means a commitment to forming relationships with every student, striving to understand each student’s needs, and providing the resources to help every child succeed and no child feel the isolation that too often has translated into tragedy. Outside of school, we must continue to work together to encourage positivity, talk about issues, and remain vigilant for potential dangers.

We strongly encourage anyone who becomes aware of troubling information to report it immediately through any of the available means:

If you need guidance on how to speak with your students about violence, we recommend starting with resources available on the National Association of School Psychologists website.

As always, questions, concerns, and ideas are welcome to superintendent@district158.org.

Thank you again, and we look forward to a fantastic final few months of the school year.

Dr. Bradley Hawk
Interim Superintendent