Community Members Collaborate with HHS for Mock Interviews

Huntley High School’s Cooperative Education Program hosted its annual Mock Interviews this week at the District 158 Central Office.  More than 40 members of the community interviewed 60 students in five rounds of interviews.

Two District 158 Board of Education members were among the interviewers.

“It is really an honor to be able to do this. I have extensive hiring experience in my career, and these kids are better prepared than most adults I have talked to. I sincerely believe that this should be a mandatory class for all high school seniors,” said Board Member Bill Geheren.

“Every year I’m thoroughly impressed with the maturity, composure, direct eye contact, and ability of these young adults to communicate their thoughts in a professional manner,” said Board Member Tony Quagliano. “In general, their interview skills that they demonstrate exceed most adults that I have interviewed in the actual work place.”

Shawn Anderson, father to twins Maddy and Myranda, was equally enthusiastic about the event.

“What an awesome experience that most students…not to mention adults get an opportunity to learn from! I am sooo glad that [my daughters] had this opportunity!”

Cooperative Education is a senior elective at HHS which offers students credit for both classwork in post high school life skills and for on-the-job training.

For more information, contact teacher Page Schaschwary at (847) 659-6616.

Photo Credit: Evan Pilat, yearbook staff