Superintendent Discusses Collaboration with Police

Superintendent John Burkey participated in a Northwest Herald discussion on how schools and local law enforcement agencies collaborate along with officials from the Huntley Police Department and Lake in the Hills Police Department.

Despite the increase in threats and inappropriate messages being shared through the ever-growing social media landscape, schools remain among the safest places students can be, Burkey said.

“While nationwide there have been some tragic school events and school shootings, schools are still one of the safest places that kids can go,” Burkey said. “We live in a society where there is not 100 percent safety anywhere, but we have taken incredibly good measures to make sure our schools are as safe as possible, yet they are still open, public schools. We don’t want them to be fortresses, but we want them to be safe, and I think we’ve struck that balance well in District 158.”

Below are some of the measures the District has taken to increase security in recent years.

  • First area district to add anonymous tip line
  • Bullying committee established
  • Hired Chief Security Officer, October 2015
  • Hired additional campus supervisors (dean’s assistants) at Huntley High School
  • Added shatter-proof glass to all school front doors – Summer 2015
  • Added video-secured entrance system at all schools (except HHS) – Summer 2015
  • Added HHS Front Entrance/Exit with Security Desk – Summer 2015
  • Implemented Gaggle District-wide – Summer 2016
  • Added Raptor visitor management system at all schools – Summer 2016
  • Review of Emergency Response Booklet Completed Fall 2016
  • Annual emergency drill schedule, including Code Red, at all schools
  • New security camera system installed on all buses – Spring 2017
  • School resource officer at Huntley High School

Students also receive education on proper and improper use of technology throughout their school careers. But key to the response to specific incidents is the close working relationship the District maintains with all of its local law enforcement partners, Burkey said.

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