Information on Huntley Police Investigation

Marlowe families,

We want to update you regarding threatening messages recently reported in the media. On November 13, the school was made aware of threatening messages that had been sent to one of our students. We immediately shared the messages with law enforcement, and we have continued to cooperate with their investigation.

The messages were not sent at school, did not use a school device, were isolated to one recipient and did not indicate a threat to the larger school community. However, any time a safety concern regarding one of our students is brought to the attention of the school, we cooperate with law enforcement to ensure the safety of the student and school.

The Huntley Police Department is investigating this matter and has released information regarding their investigation:

We thank you for your continued partnership in educating your students about the serious nature of these types of messages, for your vigilance in keeping our school a safe place for students, and for your continued trust in us to care for your students.

Henry Soltesz
Marlowe Middle School