False Alarm at Marlowe Middle School

Marlowe families,

Police were summoned to Marlowe Middle School this morning in response to a call from a member of the community. The call reported a person bringing a weapon into the school. What the caller saw was a uniformed veteran, who is also a member of the VFW, delivering the fallen soldier display for our annual Veterans Day Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony will take place tomorrow morning.

The fallen soldier display is composed of a replica military firearm, a military helmet, and dog tags. This delivery was scheduled, and the individual was met at the door by staff members and escorted into the office. The display was delivered and kept behind locked doors. The replica is not an operable weapon.

At no point were occupants of the building in any danger, and the school was not placed on lockdown.

While reports such as this can be startling, we are extremely heartened with the efforts of all involved in keeping our school safe, from alert members of the community to law enforcement officials, who responded to this report quickly and thoroughly.

There will be no disruption to the school day as a result of this incident.

Thank you,

Henry Soltesz
Marlowe Middle School