HHS Students Share Spanish Skills at Leggee

Students from Huntley High School’s Spanish for Spanish Speakers I class stopped by Leggee Elementary School for a lesson on language and inclusion. During their visit to Lisa Kunde’s second-grade classroom, the high schoolers led their younger counterparts in Spanish-language stories, vocabulary, and culture.

Spanish teacher Elaine Texidor Krause said the activity had benefits for both groups of students.

“Students in this class understand Spanish and speak it at home, but they haven’t yet developed Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency. This helps them get comfortable and realize how important it is to be bilingual,” she said. “And it gets English-speaking kids aware of foreign language and a mindset to value differences, different abilities, and diversity.”

For her second graders, Kunde said she welcomed the opportunity for them to interact with older students who both model the value of foreign language and provide an example of opportunities younger students will have when they reach high school.

“This experience really helps builds community when they see students from their own district giving them exposure to things that are new, different, and beyond what’s comfortable for them right now,” Kunde said. “And it gives them something to look forward to that they’ll have the opportunity to experience.”

Kunde also said the activity tied in strongly with her class’s focus on  the growth mindset and positivity.

“We spoke about how we can be supportive of these students and their experiences,” she said.

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