HHS Blended Learning Program Highlighted in “Tech & Learning”

Huntley High School’s pioneering Alpha Courses blended learning program is highlighted among other innovative programs at high schools across the country in a Tech & Learning magazine article on how schools can better prepare students for college and careers.

“The beauty of blended courses is that students are able to control their learning path, pace, time, and place,” says Scott Rowe, principal.

The program has been featured in several national media outlets and education industry publications over the years since its inception in 2011. By combining online and face-to-face instruction in a flexible weekly schedule, students can better fit schoolwork into their schedules, and teachers can better individualize instruction.

“They figure out what they need to learn so that our school can serve them,” says Rowe. “In most cases, students have to conform to school, but that’s not the right way.”

Rowe also notes that blended students gain valuable soft skills such as time management, and that the school has heard from many alumni who report that they’re better prepared for college because of the experience.

Tech & Learning is a premier publication and leading resource for education technology professionals responsible for implementing and purchasing technology products in K-12 districts and schools with a monthly readership of more than 450,000.

The full article can be read online at www.techlearning.com/resources/0003/prep-school/70726.