Statement Regarding Media Reports On Bus Incident

Many members of the community have seen and reacted to media reports about an incident involving an employee’s conduct on a school bus. Many have called for more information from the District. This message serves to share as much information as we are able to at this time.

What We Can Confirm

  • The District received a report of a bus aide making physical contact with a student on a school bus.
  • This report was taken seriously, investigated thoroughly, and acted upon immediately by removing the employee from having contact with students.
  • This incident was isolated to one student on one bus.
  • The District immediately made a full disclosure to the parent of what was found in the video record.
  • Lake in the Hills Police Department is conducting an investigation, with which the District is cooperating fully.
  • All interactions on this bus were video recorded, and the District, as well as the police, have a clear record of what did and what did not happen.

What We Cannot Comment On at This Time

  • Specifics of news reports beyond the comments from our spokesperson and Lake in the Hills Police
  • Any details of the ongoing police investigation
  • The adjudication of employee disciplinary matters.

Our Assurances to the Community

  • Student safety is always our number one priority.
  • All allegations of misconduct toward students are taken seriously, investigated thoroughly, and referred to the appropriate authorities in accordance with state and federal laws.
  • This incident is not indicative of a larger concern for student safety beyond the isolated incident we have confirmed.
  • We understand that reports such as that seen on the news are deeply troubling and upsetting to families, as they are to us.

What We Ask of Our Community

  • Trust that the District treats student safety as the utmost priority and strives to communicate as transparently as possible during incidents of concern.
  • Refrain from engaging in rumor during situations in which all facts are not yet known to the public.
  • Remain vigilant for the safety of your family and other families in the District, reporting any concerns you have to the District.

If you have further concerns or questions, you may contact the District Office, or the Lake in the Hills Police Department. However, please know that we likely will be unable to share further details, as outlined above.

Dr. John Burkey

09.16.17 – Statement on Recent Media Reports