HHS Alum Covers Hurricane Harvey for Houston Press

Meagan Flynn, a 2011 graduate of Huntley High School, has spent the last three weeks covering the devastation and recovery from Hurricane Harvey for the Houston Press. 

Flynn, who was a writer and features editor for The Voice during her time at HHS, normally covers issues such as criminal justice, civil rights, immigration, and policing for the alternative weekly newspaper. But covering the historic storm has been an “all hands on deck” effort for the paper’s small staff, she said.

Meagan Flynn '11
Meagan Flynn ’11 has been covering Hurricane Harvey for the Houston Press. Huntley High journalism teacher Dennis Brown called Flynn an “amazing reporter and really a stylist with her words.”

“That’s really all the team is focused on,” said Flynn, who went on to graduate from Drake University with a degree in magazine journalism and writing. “It’s kind of overwhelming, the sheer number of people who’ve been affected.”

While Flynn said the paper’s staff has discussed returning to the arts, news, and entertainment coverage its 1.6 million monthly readers enjoy, she said it likely will be months before the aftermath of the hurricane ceases to dominate their headlines.

She said the media will continue to tell the stories of the thousands of individuals who have been affected over the months and years of recovery ahead.

She has filed about 30 storm-related stories thus far, which can be found online at www.houstonpress.com/authors/meagan-flynn-7623209.

Despite the emotionally and physically exhausting nature of her work, Flynn says she continues to love her job.

“Being introduced to so many different types of people, people from different cultures, people who are facing different obstacles, your world lens is so broadened,” she said. “It’s a different story you’re covering every day. I see it as a privilege.”