HHS Student Drive Temporarily Open

Dear Red Raider Students and Parents:

Who'll Stop the Rain?

I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news. The good news is that the parking lot project is ahead of schedule, and once the gravel base dries, the final phase of the project prior to opening the student drive can begin. The bad news is that our parking lot project has been delayed due to the recent rain.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 31, we will be temporarily opening the student drive until the construction company can restart the project.

The construction company is anticipating a start to the asphalt-laying portion of the project on Wednesday, September 7.

In the meantime, we will be opening ONE lane of the student drive to ease the traffic congestion until the project starts back up again. The student drive will be ONE WAY entering campus in the morning and ONE WAY exiting the campus in the afternoon. All students who leave and reenter the building during the day will do so via the main drive. Parent drop off and pick up will not change until the project is completed.

When the construction company restarts the project we will close the lane again so they can work uninterrupted and complete their project.


Scott Rowe
Huntley High School