Notice of Lawn Care Product Application

Please be advised that, weather permitting, District 158’s licensed contractor, NILCO, Inc. will be applying lawn care products on District properties as follows:

Monday, June 20 thru Friday, June 24

  • Fertilizer to athletic turf areas on all campuses – 1/2 lb./1,000 s.f.
  • Non-selective herbicide as needed on all Campuses – 1.5 oz./1,000 s.f.
  • Turf Herbicide as needed on Harmony Road Campus – 1.3 oz/1,000 s.f.

Product Information

  • Fertilizer: 22-0-2 | Manufacturer: Conserv FS
  • Non-Selective Herbicide: Roundup Pro-Max | Manufacturer: Monsanto
  • Turf Herbicide: T-zone | Manufacturer: PBI Gordon

If you have any questions about the product application procedures, please contact Doug Renkosik, Director of Operations and Maintenance at (847) 659-6158.