Leggee Students Get Early Advice on College Readiness from HHS

College may seem like an eternity away from today’s kindergarten students, but according to Leggee Elementary School Assistant Principal Noelle Dupuis, it’s not too early to start reinforcing positive messages about working to become college-ready.

Those were the lessons Leggee students heard at a TAC Day assembly  February 18 featuring special guests from Huntley High School.

“They’re so creative at this time. They’re already thinking about the things they can become,” Dupuis said. “Hearing what opportunities they can look forward to in middle school, high school, and college gets them excited about their education. It reinforces that anything is possible.”

Huntley High School Principal Scott Rowe, Counseling Department Chair Jeremy Baldwin, teacher Gerry Marchand, and students Cameron McCall, Jack Bessey, and Rachel Andros shared lessons on the experiences they had starting as early as elementary school that helped get them college-ready.

McCall, a senior who will study child development at Vanderbilt University next year, encouraged students to work hard and explore different opportunities in all the subjects they encounter in school.

“It’s important to try hard in every subject, not just the ones you like,” he said, noting that there’s a good possibility their interests will change over time. “That way you’ll have as many options available to you as possible in the future.”

Andros, a senior headed to Indiana University, also encouraged students to take advantage of the wide variety of elective courses and extracurricular activities that will be available to them in middle and high school.

“Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new,” she said.

Bessey, a junior, hasn’t yet decided where he’ll go to college or what he’ll study there. And that’s ok, said Principal Scott Rowe, adding that there are a number of options available both in and out of college.

“We’re not here telling you that you have to go to college,” Rowe said. “But we are here to help you learn about the things you can do starting now to prepare for college, if that’s what you choose to do. Our goal at HHS is that every student will be ready for college when they leave, whether they choose to go to college or another path.”

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