HHS’s Raethz Gets 300th Career Victory

Huntley High School girls basketball coach Steve Raethz earned his 300th career victory last night as the Red Raiders defeated Grayslake Central to capture their third consecutive FVC crossover title.

The team’s 14th consecutive win brings their regular season to a close with a record of 26-3.

“What pleases me most is that we walked away with a win and finished off the regular season on a real positive note,” Raethz told the Daily Herald. “I’m really proud of our effort.”

Raethz has been head coach of the team since 2000.

“It was amazing. He’s such a great coach, he’s always pushing us to be better and help each other out as teammates and just push each other day by day,” senior Lexi Lowitzki told the Northwest Herald. “So it meant a lot to be able to be a part of the team that got that 300th win for him.”

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