Mr. Brummer: Marlowe Middle School’s Unofficial Chief of Good Cheer

In addition to his duties as sixth-grade guidance counselor at Marlowe Middle School, John Brummer has for the past three years taken on another unofficial role: Chief of Good Cheer.

His frequent high fives, fist bumps, salutes, and encouraging words have helped brighten the mornings of both students and parents arriving at school in the car drop-off line. They’ve also made him a favorite of the school community.

Last week, a social media movement grew among many Marlowe parents to show their appreciation for Mr. Brummer on the last day of school before winter break. Several parents dropped off small gifts for him, and the Daily Herald wrote an article highlighting the special relationship that’s grown between him and the community.

Watch the video above for a sample of Brummer’s signature traffic-directing moves, and visit for the article.