Article Highlights Life Skills Earned in HHS Personal Finance, Co-Op Classes

An article in the Northwest Herald highlights the valuable life skills Huntley High School students are learning through the Personal Finance class they take as sophomores and the Co-Op program, in which students can earn credit for working part-time and learning career skills.

The article was written in response to a recent study that found young people in the United States often fail to receive adequate preparation for dealing with debt and other financial issues as they graduate into college, careers, and adulthood.

“I do think we’re doing as good a job as we can right now of getting high school kids a little bit of awareness of what’s going to be part of their real-life experience,” HHS teacher Jim Rolando told the paper.

Senior Trey Darnell told the paper his experiences working at Mathnasium in Algonquin through the Co-Op program have helped him set a path toward a career as a financial analyst and learn money management skills.

“I feel like I have a leg up on my classmates,” Darnell said. “Not only has it helped me learn how to balance my checkbook and keep a budget, but it’s taught me how to be professional.”

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