Martin Classroom Enjoys Out-of-This World Skype Chat with NASA Expert

The fifth-grade class of Carrie Pulli at Martin Elementary School enjoyed an out-of-this-world lesson on space, including face-to-face chat with a NASA expert.

“I contacted NASA a couple of months ago hoping they would talk with my students and deepen their understanding of our solar system and space,” Pulli said.

The chat with NASA Educator Roger Storm earned stellar reviews from students.

Pulli said who were thrilled to learn first-hand about secrets of the solar system.

“I wanted my kids to learn about space in a more exciting and inspiring way,” Pulli said. “After this session, my students will be better prepared for their mission at the Challenger Learning Center and apply their new found knowledge.”

Video of the chat was shared with other fifth-grade classes as well, so that all students got to share in the fun.