Banner Year for HHS Journalism Program

The journalism program at Huntley High School is experiencing a banner year, marked by two winners of national Quill and Scroll writing awards, a fourth-place team finish at the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) state finals and a bevy of individual awards from the IHSA, Illinois Journalism Education Association, and Northern Illinois School Press Association.

Sophomore Palak Patel (feature writing) and junior Adam Reckamp (editorial writing) won Quill and Scroll national awards. Below are accolades received at different levels of competition.

Northern Illinois School Press Association convention

Blue Ribbon Winners

• Sarah Henderson, Editorial Writing
• Maddy Moffett, Column Writing
• Ashley O’Brien, News Writing
• Palak Patel, Feature Writing
• Adam Reckamp, Blog Writing
• Adam Reckamp, Sports Writing

Honorable Mention

• Claire Filpi, Advertising Design
• Claire Filpi, Newspaper Photography
• Kat Gorospe, Review Writing
• Chieftain Yearbook, Yearbook Copy

Overall Awards

• Silver Certificate, The Voice
• Golden Eagle Award, The Voice
• Silver Certificate,
• Bronze Certificate, Chieftain Yearbook

IHSA Sectionals

The journalism team won its seventh sectional championship in the last 10 years and advanced 12 competitors to the IHSA state finals. Individual winners included:

• Jess Clavero, 1st place, Copy Editing
• Maddy Moffett, 1st place, Editorial Writing
• Adam Reckamp, 1st place, Sports Writing
• Claire Filpi, 2nd place, Newspaper Design
• Haylie Larson, 2nd place, Advertising
• Claire Filpi, 3rd place, Yearbook Copy Writing
• Jess Clavero, 3rd place, Yearbook Layout
• Devin Martin, 3rd place, Broadcast News
• Mawa Iqbal, 3rd place, News Writing
• Courtney Thomas, 3rd place, Headline Writing
• Courtney Thomas, 3rd place, Yearbook Caption Writing
• Ryan O’Sullivan, 4th place, Feature Photography
• Camille Paddock, 4th place, Feature Writing
• Jeremy Piske, 4th place, Infographics

IHSA State Finals

The team finished fourth in state with a total of 20 points. Individual winners included:

• Maddy Moffett, 1st place, Editorial Writing
• Jess Clavero, 3rd place, Yearbook Layout
• Claire Filpi, 3rd place, Yearbook Copy Writing
• Courtney Thomas, 3rd place, Yearbook Caption Writing
• Adam Reckamp, 5th place, Sports Writing

This is the sixth time HHS’s journalism team has finished in the top five in the 10 years the competition has been held.

Illinois Journalism Education Association Annual Contest

• Palak Patel, 1st place, Best Feature Story
• Claire Filpi, 2nd place, Best Photograph
• Kat Gorospe, 2nd place, Best Sports Story
• Tyler Lopez, 2nd place, Best Blogger
• Claire Filpi, Kat Gorospe, Devin Martin, Jess Clavero, 3rd place, Best Centerspread
• Camille Paddock, 3rd place, Best Column
• Adam Reckamp, 3rd place, Best Sports Story
• Jess Clavero, Honorable Mention, Best Front Page Design
• Claire Filpi, Honorable Mention, Best Advertisement
• Sarah Henderson, Honorable Mention, Best Staff Editorial
• Staff, Honorable Mention, Best Design
•, 2nd place, Best Newspaper Website

In addition, senior Jess Calvero was named to the IJEA All State Journalism Team, marking the fifth consecutive time an HHS student has made the team.

The HHS journalism program also was highlighted in the Northwest Herald for remaining a strong and in-demand program while many other area schools have folded their student newspapers and journalism courses.

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